A social movement to affirm worth

-connected with the Prevention Project® program-

You are something truly unique. It’s not “just a notion”, it is reality.


Human trafficking is a crime that affects all levels of society. It cuts across race, gender, age, income level… polluting every corner of our communities. Though victim backgrounds may look entirely different, there is one common thread that runs through every story- vulnerability. If we can reach upstream to those who have not yet been affected, we can confront the very root of trafficking.


The mission: to fortify self-worth as a shield against those looking for a chink in the armor.

Human beings should not be for sale. They are a soul, a story, a package of characteristics, quirks, fears, and dreams – not something to be used.

Let’s move from being on the defense to being proactive, to not only say “I am not for sale”, but to say,

“I am priceless”

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Only together can we prevent human trafficking. Jump on board with us to animate those around us, helping them recognize their worth and to do the same for others!